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Close your eyes Just one moment. Hear the silent noise Let your hair dance to the tune of the breeze  Put your mind at ease. Close your eyes and gaze.  Permit those toxic thoughts in your mind to escape.  Smile until all your aches vanishes  Laugh until you no longer feel afraid.  Close your eyes and see […]


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Verbal abuse is the act of forcefully criticising, insulting or denouncing another person.¬†Words are powerful, their meaning form perception that shape our behaviour, thinking pattern and create our world. A statistics carried out by The American Central For Disease Control in 2005 states ” out of 35,000 people, 80% of them were verbally abused and […]


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Setback simply means “interruption in progress”. In life, every human is faced with some form of setbacks that must be addressed if such an individual intends to excel in life.It only takes “courage” and possibly motivations drawn from the “experience” of others to overcome setbacks¬† Timidity and lack of will power to exhibit courage has […]


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#LettersToYoungPeople.Strong and energetic you are.  Can the world really do without you? A people of the good, the bad and the ugly.  Do you want to build a dream world?  Give the plan to a Youth. Do you want to destroy the world?  Don’t educate the youths.  Do you plan to destroy a government? Give […]

The New Normal?

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We were like that and we loved it that way. Our every morning was celebrated with the joy of having to know that we are at freewill to run under the mango trees, in search of naturally disposed fruits. The cold mornings of the dry season; Oh! That biting cold that massages our legs under […]


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Don’t lead me astray, I don’t want to go there I dropped my diamonds on purpose, they can’t be refined. If only you knew how burdensome it is to start a fire, Or how difficult it is to alter this state of inertia, you would let me be. I cry daily! Leave me alone! I […]


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After studying numerous principles, concepts and ideologies under various authors and thought leaders, I have come to the conclusion that there are only two basic skills you need to scale in the social impact space.Now, if you don’t already know what social impact is all about, pay attention. The social impact space is one that […]


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Before the coming of the whites to Africa, we have been communicating. We had Wooden and iron gongs that were used to send out information of great importance. Our people were made to gather at the Chief’s palace to get instructions and also fire was used as a means of communication at war fronts. Back […]