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What do you think? Start a online or
offline business. Yes, we help you. Ready

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About GELA

Our Enterprise Arm:
Mentorship & Consultancy

In 2019, our organization set up an sustainable model for our outreach activities (digital enterprise). Freely watch the video on our home page for more details


History of Gela Consultation

Our Consultation Factory.

We offer Educational, Leadership, and Business Consultation physically at our international office and Online
Consultation on our Website for all interested clients who are both within and outside our Network Region.


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US Visa Application and Career Advice

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GELA partners

  1. Merchant Navair Headquaters, U.K

  2. Team54project, U.S.A

  3. Embrace Melanin Initiative, NIGERIA

  4. We Make change, U.K

  5. The Pollination Project, U.S.A

  6. Millennium Campus Network(M.C.N), U.S.A

  7. U.S Consulate General, LAGOS

  8. Edo jobs , EDO

GELA Featured Works

  1. Access to Success, Nigeria-U.S.A
  2. Clinton Global Initiative University, U.S.A
  3. Hultprize Foundation university of Benin

Over 3k youth empowered

More than 3000 youths empowered just in Africa alone.

100+ years of experience

Over a 100 years of combined mentorship experience from mentors gathered from more than 3 Continents.

Worldwide Awards

Our social enterprise clients and beneficiaries of our youth empowerment outreaches are so satisfied.Check out testimonials to learn more.

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GELA Consultation Management Team

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founder/CEO/WAFMP Director

Brenda B Ogega


Virtual Team Manager

Asif Hassan


WAFMP Curriculum Coordinator

Partnership Work

Partnership Study.

University of Benin

We partner with University of Benin since 2019 for OnCampus program

University of Benin

We partner with University of Benin for OnCampus program


Outreach to Army Day secondary school on January 2020

Hultprize Foudation

Project in partnership with Hultprize and United Nation Academic Impact-Millennium Campus Network.

Benin Demonstration

Outreach to University of Benin Demonstration, secondary school, January 2020

Changemakers Conference

Young Changemakers Conference 2018, University of Benin, Benin city

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Our Main Office Address

  • Edo Innovation Hub, Benin City. Nigeria

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  • +2348166897021 -West Africa
  • +1(784)527-1520 -North America
  • +254742451719 -East Africa