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Main Office Edo Innovation Hub, Benin City, Nigeria.


Every year, Global Entrepreneurs and Leaders Academy (GELA), a United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) and U.S Department of State project-affiliated organization, carries out a biannual 12-week training called the West African Foreign Mentorship Programme (WAFMP) for aspiring future leaders, young professionals and students across the globe who are of West-African origin.
After the completion of her SKILLUP-360 outreaches held quarterly, with the youths reached out to incorporated into the digital learning hub, an open call is then made for youths across the globe interested in joining the training to enroll.
In the face of racial crises and distrust in the credibility of folks from the West African region as evidenced in the introduction of various policies, the goal is to yet turn the attention of the globe towards the innovative minds in West Africa, to focus on refining the values of the youths in the region and in so doing give youths from the region a hope for a brighter future as members of human race through an internationally collaborative approach.
The training comes with several post-engagement benefits such as recommendations, highly proffessional voluntary internship, prospective job placements and career scholarships for a selected few as the need arises subsequently based on the perogative of sponsoring partners, transforming career session with mentors from various countries, internationally recognized certification access to a strong supportive network of Changemakers, to mention a few.
Each year ends with a physical graduation in which all cohort participants are invited to the famous Young Changemakers' Conference (YCC) in a chosen host country in West Africa where outstanding awards will be given to the most dedicated fellows. Prior to the graduation date, they will also be invited for an excursion.


The biannual 3-months curriculum based cohort commences on the 1st of February and 1st of August each year .Enrollment deadline is kept at exactlty one week to commencement date.


-Be able to discover a new perspective of leadership, type of leadership & practical understanding of how to display leadership traits in any location.

-Be able to pick up relevant soft skills.

-Be able to complete the pre/post assessment survey in order to pick up a high profile internationally recognised certificate at the end of 3 months .

-Be able to have a virtual foreign experience where career & personal development questions are answered.


-Soft skills training.

-Self image and character remodeling.

-Internationally recognised certificate.

-Foreign Exposure(virtual).

-High profile recommendation/introduction for internship and job placement.

-Post completion internship/job placement.


-Aged less than 35 years.

-Access to internet.

-Willing to learn, embrace diversity and expand network.

-Willing to get enrolled and thereafter fill the pre-assessment.

-For undergraduates, recent graduates and young professionals.

Applications ends: August 1st, 2021.
Programme to commence: 1st November, 2021.